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Youth Fitness

Elaine Drawbridge, Fitness Director, x230 [email protected]

Jr. Fitness Center Training Course

  Ages 11 - 14  

The JCC offers a two hour supervised program to prepare teens (ages 11-15) for proper training with specific strength conditioning and cardiovascular exercise in the Fitness Center. A Fitness Center membership is a requirement and upon successful completion of this course, teens will be able to use the JCC Fitness Center and a marker will be added to the JCC membership card indicating completion of this course. For additional information or to make an appointment contact Elaine Drawbridge, Fitness Director, x 230.

2/1 hour sessions...$70. 

Athletic Performance Training
Grades 8 - college

This program will focus on sports specific training for speed, agility, power and strength enhancement. Athletes will participate in a combination of exercises to improve athletic performance. 

Youth Personal Training
Ages 11 - 17

The latest research has found that strength training can be safely incorporated into a child’s fitness or sport related exercise routine. However, a program must be compiled by a knowledgeable professional taking into consideration the proper precautions. According to Avery Faigenbaum, PH. D., from the University of Massachusetts, whenever the children are emotionally mature enough to follow instructions and accept them is when they are ready to begin strength training. Children are given realistic expectations as well as the opportunity to develop positive life-style habits through strength training. JCC Personal Trainers give proper instruction and programming allowing gradual increases in weight and intensity in the Junior Fitness Training Course. We offer this program either 1 : 1 with a personal trainer, or 2 : 1 with a personal trainer.

The JCC Youth Fitness-Personal Training program offers an individual fitness program to trim, shape and tone young adults (ages 11-17) as part of a comprehensive weight management program. The program includes strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning, diet, and injury prevention. Your child will learn the basics of a healthy fitness life-style that he/she can adopt.

The main goals of this program are to assist your child:

  1. to lose body fat and manage their weight
  2. develop lifelong healthy habits
  3. decrease the likelihood of play related injuries
  4. have fun getting in shape 

This differs from Junior Fitness Center Training Course in that it is a more comprehensive individualized program as opposed to a basic knowledge of the Fitness Center.

Personal Training Rates

Member Rates:  


Non-Member Rates:  
Private: 1 session (1hr) $60   Private:  1 session (1hr) $68
5 sessions $290   5 sessions $330
10 sessions $580   10 sessions $660


Semi Private* Member Rates         Semi Private* Non-Member Rates:  
1 session (1 hr) $96 ($48 pp)   1 session (1 hr) $110 ($55 pp)
5 sessions $456 ($228 pp)   5 sessions $520 ($260 pp)

*Semi Private 2 people within the same time slot

Notice of cancellation must be at least 24 hours in advance for all personal training. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a full charge for the session. Please discuss with your trainer the best way to reach her/him in case of cancellation. The JCC will not be responsible for messages.

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