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January 24, 2019 |

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Prices and Payment Options

Monica Maher, Membership Director, ext. 236 [email protected]

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It's easy to become a member! 
For your convenience the JCC will accept membership applications in person, by mail, by fax or by telephone.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, cash or checks for all payments. We can also arrange secured "time-payment" plans for membership by automatic credit card withdrawal, or direct withdrawal from your checking account.

People of all faiths are welcome at the JCC. 

Monthly membership rates effective through 6/30/19. All fees subject to change without notice.

Family                              $109    Two adults & dependent children up to age 26            

Single Parent Family     85    1 adult never married/divorced/widowed & dependents up to age 26 

Couple                             100     Ages 27 - 64, two adults living in same address

Individual                         70     Ages 27 - 64

Young adult                     46    Ages 23 - 26

Teenage                           25    Ages 13 - 17* No enrollment fee, parent signature required

College                             35    Ages 18 – 22 No enrollment fee

Sr Adult Individual       57    Age 65+

Sr Adult Couple            90   At least one Age 65+, two adults living in same address 

Spa Adult Locker Room Options    (Ages 18+) Add to membership price above

Individual                        19     1 user per unit

Family/Couple               23     2 or more users per unit

Locker Rental                 5       Available in spa adult locker rooms only

New member enrollment fee $100

Reactivation fee $75

Ask about special rates for 6 month & 12 months paid in full!

To cancel, a 30-day advance written notice of cancellation is required.  1st months payment due at sign up.  Cannot be prorated.

*Fitness Center open to children 15 years & older.  Ages 11-14 have access to the fitness center only after completion of a 2 hour youth training course for an additional $70.  Contact Elaine Drawbridge, x230, to schedule training.

Spa Locker Rooms*
Ages 18+

  • dry sauna
  • steam room
  • cable TV
  • free towel service
  • private showers
  • massage therapy*
  • spacious lounge with free coffee
  • grooming supplies
  • hair dryers
  • full time lockers*
  • day lockers

Payment plans available.

In addition, no one is denied membership because of inability to pay. Financial aid available for those elegible. Click here for a scholarship application.


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