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January 24, 2019 |

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Meet Our Parents

The best way to learn about our preschool is to come and visit. You're also welcome to speak to our parents, to find out more about our program and their children's experiences.

Here's what else our parents have to say about the JCC Early Childhood Program:

-"My child finished the program feeling like a learner."

-"My son is more patient. He’s always had a kind soul, but now he’s sharing, doing even more, taking turns, respecting others’ property. He knows who’s in charge. The teachers gave him discipline and a chain of command."

-"The teachers are very helpful with potty training. They said just bring six outfits when he’s ready."

-"The teachers take the time to know each kid and their individuality."

-"The Jewish studies are wonderful. Very early on, my son developed a deep respect for the Earth, keeping it clean, celebrations of the holidays, the harvest."

-"The staff are so experienced. I have so much confidence in them. They know what to do in an emergency. I don’t question their judgment—I look to them for advice."

-"My child would be better behaved if he was here full time!"

-"There are no screamers in the classes."

-"Kids want to be here. They’re excited to come."

-"I asked a friend, ‘How do you always know the right thing to say to your kids?’ She said, ‘I volunteered in the JCC Preschool and learned from listening to the teachers. They know how to use the right language at the right time and never reprimand.’"

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