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January 24, 2019 |

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Massage Therapy

Click here for the Massage Therapy flyer.

Massage therapy is available to the entire membership. You do not have to be a Spa member to benefit from our massage therapy program. The benefits of regular massage are well documented. With regular massage sessions you should begin to experience positive changes in how you feel. Our qualified therapists will help determine a schedule to best suit your needs.

Available to:

Spa Members $55/hour $33/half hour
Non-Spa Members $65/hour $43/half hour
Non-JCC Members $75/hour $53/half hour

Optional:  Buy 5 get 1 free:

Spa Members $275/hour $165/half hour
Non-Spa Members $325/hour $215/half hour
Non-JCC Members $375/hour $265/half hour

Yuri Rothman, Men’s Massage Therapist x 255

Specializing in: Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Trigger Point and Post-Operational Therapy and Reflexology.

Viktori Robo, Women’s Massage Therapist x 253

Specializing in: Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology.


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