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February 19, 2018 |

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Weather Announcements

JAlert, Phone, Website

Published Tuesday, January 9, 2018 12:00 pm

We will make every effort to make weather-related announcements via JAlert, email, phone and website. 

J Alert

Sign up for J Alert, the new JCC text message alert system!

The JCC is pleased to announce J Alert our new text message alert system.  JCC members and participants sign up to receive JCC text messages via their cell phones.  The JCC will use the J Alert system to communicate critical opening/closing time changes and other important information.  Participants choose one or more categories of alerts:  general building information (includes weather-related opening/closing time changes, safety messages), group exercise classes, pool and spa.  We will not use J Alert for general communication, payment requests, or social and non-critical messages. 

Early Childhood, After School and Swim Team program participants will receive separate invitations to sign up for alerts.

Please note that even with J Alert, the JCC will continue to communicate closing and safety information via email and other means.

To sign up: 

Step 1:  Follow the link below.

In Step 2 of the sign up process, a personal authorization code will be sent to your mobile phone.  You will need to enter the 5-digit code in the next screen within (5) minutes in order to verify and complete your enrollment in the system. 

Important notice:  J Alert will be tested for performance and reliability on a regular basis.  However, normal network transmission limitations can occur from time-to-time and may cause delays in the receipt of messages.  Participants are asked not to rely solely on the J Alert system.

The JCC does not charge for alerts however carrier charges may apply. 

Click here to sign up for J Alert!



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